Music education enriches lives and produces creative and confident students. Stubbs’ Educational Foundation empowers students to dream bigger by excelling in the arts, achieving their academic and social goals. In collaboration with community partners, SEF takes an uncompromising approach to excellence in the arts. The SEF community is paying it forward with the amazing gift of music for individuals that otherwise would not have this opportunity. Music education and academic scholarships are need and talent based, providing the foundation of music enrichment that changes lives and helps to create future leaders

Driven by the arts. Since music education enhances almost every academic discipline, it was easy to want to help others learn this art form. Plato … I would teach the children music, physics and philosophy, but the most important is music, for in the patterns of the arts are the keys to all …

The past defines the future. For more than 24 years Stubbs’ Educational Foundation has watched students grow by fulfilling the need for music lessons and other educational scholarships. We are passionate about enriching lives and helping students grow through the gift of music.

Responsibility for giving back. The team at Stubbs’ Music Center and TA-DA is fascinated with the arts—we enrich lives each day with music and dance instruction. For 48 years we have been providing instruction that encourages and empowers curiosity and creativity.

Our philosophy of giving back intersects with the understanding of how music makes a difference in our world and the essential need to provide opportunities to expose individuals to music that would otherwise not have the opportunity. Therefore SEF was founded to reach out to the Community.

Music education takes a village. The Stubbs’ Educational Foundation was established with the mission of attaining private philanthropic funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations across the region. We invite you to become a part of the music movement to help students do something greater in life with the empowerment of music education.

Lifetime learners. Stubbs’ Educational Foundation has awarded more than 826 music and academic scholarships. Scholarships have been provided to community partners such as Boys and Girls Clubs of the Big Bend, Boys Town of North Florida, Good Samaritan United Methodist Church, Lighthouse Children’s Home and Tallahassee Community College as we broaden minds and provide an important foundation to create lifetime learners.

The future begins here. We work every day to provide a song in the hearts of children. The reality is we are giving these children much more than a song, we are providing a chance for something bigger altogether. With music, these children can dream—they start to see a future of hope and promise. Bottom line, we change lives and invite you to join us in this journey for a better tomorrow for these children.